To make an insurance payment select 'Invoices' from your Dashboard.

Step 1 - Add your Provider as a Supplier

You will need to add the provider that issued the policy as a supplier. 

The table below provides a list of some Singapore insurance provider details. You may make a payment to an insurance provider not included on this list as well as long as they accept bank transfers.

We recommend confirming the bank details relevant to your policy with your insurance provider.

Step 2 - Enter payment details.

Enter how much you would like to pay your supplier. In the 'Note to Supplier' you should enter your policy number (and NRIC if it is a group policy) provided by your institution. 

❗❗It is important this information is entered correctly so your recipient can identify this payment came from you. ❗❗

You will need to provide a supporting document, such as policy summary, when scheduling your payment.

Step 3 - Schedule Your Payment

Schedule your payment based on the day your provider needs to receive your payment. ipaymy will automatically calculate the charge date based on your region. 

For more details on payment scheduling click here.

Step 4 - Pay

You are almost done! Review your payment, enter a promo code if you have one, and click pay. Your card will then be charged and the payment will be add to the 'in progress' section of your dashboard. A receipt for the payment will also be sent to your email.

If your payment is scheduled for a charge date in the future, it will be added to your dashboard 'scheduled' section and receipt will be emailed to you when your card is charged.

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