What kind of invoices can I pay?
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For invoices, all payments must be made directly to your supplier who is a registered business in the respective country and a copy of the invoice being paid must be provided. Payments can not be made to an individual (e.g. peer to peer) or to fund yourself or your business.

Types of acceptable payments in this category include:

  • Invoices for goods or services rendered

  • Taxes (Income, Property and GST)

  • Insurance

  • School Fees

  • MCST / Condo Fees

  • Renovation

  • Car loan

Types of payments not accepted in this category include:

  • Sending money to yourself or for any purpose of cash advance to your personal or any associated business accounts.

  • Sending money to individuals (peer to peer payment)

  • For gambling and related activities 

  • Payment towards a brokerage or investment account

For more information on payments not accepted in this category please refer to our Terms and Conditions.

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