Promo codes are applied at the check out page or applied to your scheduled payment.

Check out Page

Enter your promo code into the "Coupon Code" field and click apply. If you do not click apply the promo code will not be applied.

TIP: If a promo code expires on a specific date, your card must be charged on or before the expiry date for the promo code to be applied.

Scheduled Payment

If you would like to apply a promo code to a scheduled payment click on Scheduled to view your scheduled payments and then click Edit. 

If your promo code is good for a one-time payment click Edit next to the payment before the expiration date and enter the promo code.

If your promo code is good for a scheduled payment click Edit All and enter the promo code. 

Note: only scheduled payments which have not been charged yet can be edited with a promo code. Payments currently in progress can not be edited with a promo code. ❗

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