Stamp Duty payments can be made to IRAS under 'Invoices' payment flow. You will need to add IRAS as a new supplier for Stamp Duty payments.

To do this click 'Add Supplier' in the Invoice payment flow and enter the following details for Stamp Duty payments.

1. UEN - T08GB0020K

2. Bank - DBS

3. Account Number - 0010468600
Please note the bank account for Stamp Duty payments is different than the bank account for Income and Property Tax payments.

4. Note to Supplier - Your 14 Digit Payment Slip Number and Stamp Duties (i.e. 12345678901234 Stamp Duties)

It is important that you indicate the 14 Digit Payment Slip Number for IRAS reconciliation purposes.

For the invoice / supporting document, please provide a copy of your Payment Slip from IRAS.

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