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What do you mean by 'up to 55 days interest free?'
What do you mean by 'up to 55 days interest free?'
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When you use a credit card to make a payment through ipaymy, we will help you settle the payment first so you can fulfil your payment obligation without spending any cash upfront. You can pay the actual bill when your credit card bill is due.

For example, if you settle your rent with a credit card on April 1, you may not receive your monthly credit card statement until April 30. If the due date of your credit card billing is 25 days after you received your credit card statement, you do not need to pay your rent until May 25.

Essentially, you are extending your payment deadline for up to 55 days, depending on your credit card, at zero interest rate, and freeing up valuable working capital.

Now, with that cash at your disposal, you can put it to work the moments you need it -- without having to resort to the more costly and time-consuming financing options such as bank loans.

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