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Why do I need to provide a copy of my invoice?
Why do I need to provide a copy of my invoice?

An explanation on why you need to provide an invoice and what the invoice needs to show.

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ipaymy requires a copy of the invoice you are making towards for our Anti-Money Laundering (AML)/Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance policy. All payments made on ipaymy need to be lawful and legitimate.
In the event that ipaymy should require more information about the particulars of your payment a team member will contact you via email or telephone. We will try to absolute best to expedite this process. Your cooperation and understanding is appreciated to prevent any delays in the delivery of your payment.

My invoice has sensitive information that I'm not comfortable sharing.

ipaymy understands the sensitive nature of the payments you are making on our platform. While your data is securely stored, you may redact the sensitive information as long as the invoice still contains sufficient information regarding the nature of the payment. ย This includes:

  • Name or business the invoice is issued to

  • Name and UEN of business the invoice was issued from

  • Purpose of the payment

  • Payment amount

What if I don't have a recent invoice?

If you do not have an updated invoice, such as in the case of insurance premiums, school fees, MCST or tax payments -- you may provide a copy of a past invoice, policy agreement or payment installment schedule.

TIP: If you aren't sure if your invoice payment will be accepted on ipaymy, just ask ๐Ÿ˜€ our friendly team is here to help!

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