To get started with paying salaries, click on the 'Salaries' icon on your dashboard.

Step 1: Select Your Employees

If this is the first time you are paying salaries, you will need to add your employee's details. You also have the option of uploading a CSV and adding multiple employees at one go.  

You will only need to upload a copy of your employee's payslip or employment contract, showing salary amount and their bank account details.

TIP: The 'Note To Employee' is the reference that will show up on your employee's bank account.  Your note should include a reference that can easily be recognized that the payment came from your company.

Step 2: Schedule Your Payment

Schedule your payment based on the day your employees needs to receive your payment.  ipaymy will automatically calculate the charge date based on your region. 

For more details on payment scheduling click here

Step 3 - Pay

You are almost done! Review your payment, enter a promo code if you have one, and click pay. Your card will then be charged and the payment will be add to the 'in progress' section of your dashboard.  A receipt for the payment will also be sent to your email.

If your payment is scheduled for a charge date in the future, it will be added to your dashboard 'scheduled' section and receipt will be emailed to you when your card is charged.

After your payment has been successfully deposited into your employees' bank account, you will also receive a payment complete notification email with a payment advise.

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