My verification was rejected. Now what?
Why your details may have been rejected and next steps.
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There are several variables that are reviewed to make sure the information provided is valid or authentic. More often then not your verification may have been rejected due to inconsistent or missing information.

Name Spelling

You are required to provide your full legal name. If the name of your government issued NRIC or passport does not match your identity can not be confirmed.

Date of Birth

The date of birth provided needs to match with your government issued NRIC or passport. If this information is incorrect or not visible on your NRIC or passport your identity can not be confirmed.


The address mentioned of your NRIC or supporting document does not match. In this case, an written explanation of why there is an inconsistency will need to be provided.

Unclear Supporting Documentation

The documentation provided is unclear and not legible or the provided 'selfie' has information that is cut off.

Next Steps

Should new documentation need to be submitted, a member from our Compliance Team will reach out to you via email with specific instructions related to your account. Once we have collected the newly requested information, it will take 3 business days to review the new information. You will be updated the status via email.

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