In order to collect payments from your customers, make sure you signed up for a business account with ipaymy. To learn more about our Be Paid service, visit or reach out to us at

Step 1: Set up your Be Paid Account

To start off, we will require you to provide some basic information about your business. Take a few minutes to fill in information such as the company you’d like to collect payments for, bank details, and a descriptor or sender ID to help your customer identify your company on their bank statement or SMS.

We will request additional documents for account validation and compliance checks. Please prepare a recent copy of your bank statement (dated within the past 3 months) to be submitted.

At the bottom of the setup page, you can decide how you’d like to split the processing fee between you and your customers.

When you proceed to the next page, fill in your GST registration number, and provide your company logo and branding colour for invoice customisation.

Step 2: Add customers

Once your account has been successfully set up, go to your sidebar and click "Be Paid" to expand the drop-down menu. Select “Customer” to add details of your customers.

You must include the customer’s name and email address, so we can send them their invoices and reminders when the due date comes close. Other information, such as the company name, UEN/CRN/BRN, and address, are optional.

Step 3: Create a payment request

To create a payment request, start by selecting the customer to whom you’d like to send your request.

Then, you can create an invoice simply by entering the details of the request, including the invoice number, the requested amount, and the due date. After you’ve confirmed the details and click send, our system will create a professional invoice in no time with our template and send it to your customer's email address.

If you would rather send out the request with your company invoice, you can choose to upload it in the designated box.

Step 4: Send

Once you click “send,” your customer will receive their invoice via email.

You can also copy the URL and share it with your customer via their preferred communication channel as a payment option to pay your business with their credit card.

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