Note: This payment category is only available to users with an ipaymy Personal Account. ❗❗ Citibank credit cards cannot be used to make mortgage payments.

Chances are, your mortgage is the greatest financial commitment you've ever made – and it's probably your biggest expense every month. If that's the case, you might want to consider making your monthly mortgage payment with a credit card on ipaymy's platform. When you do so, you can:

  1. Earn credit card rewards

  2. Hang onto your cash for other expenses without paying extra interest

  3. Buy a couple of extra weeks to pay the mortgage without making a late payment to the mortgage provider

Follow the steps below to make your first mortgage payment in just minutes:

Step 1: Log into your ipaymy account, select 'Invoices' from your Dashboard.

Step 2: Add your Provider as a Supplier

You will need to add the provider that issued the mortgage as a supplier.

However, for bank account details, please enter either one of the following:

  • bank account provided by your loan provider to which you pay directly

  • bank account that has a GIRO arrangement set up to pay for your mortgage

Step 3: Enter payment details

Enter how much you would like to pay your provider.

In the 'Note to Supplier', enter 'Mortgage' followed by your full name (required) and/or payment reference number. This information will be shown on the recipient's bank statement.

❗❗ Please double-check to make sure this information is entered correctly so your mortgage provider can identify that this payment came from you. ❗❗

You will need to provide a supporting document when scheduling your payment. Acceptable documents include:

  • Mortgage Loan Agreement

  • or Copy of your loan repayment account (either a bank statement or proof of GIRO arrangement)

Step 4: Schedule Your Payment

Schedule your payment based on the day your mortgage provider needs to receive your payment. ipaymy will automatically calculate the charge date based on your region.

Click here for more details on payment scheduling

Step 5 - Pay

Before you proceed with your payment, please review your payment details and then click 'Pay'.

Your card will then be charged, and the payment will be added to the 'In progress' section of your Dashboard. A receipt for the payment will also be sent to your email.

If your payment is scheduled for a charge date in the future, it will be added to your dashboard 'Scheduled' section, and the receipt will be emailed to you when your card is charged.

Note: Mortgage payments are currently only supported in Singapore and Malaysia.

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