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How do I complete my account profile with Myinfo?
How do I complete my account profile with Myinfo?

Step by step instructions on completing your profile with Myinfo through Singpass.

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Myinfo is a personal data tool from the Singapore government, which helps you pre-fill digital forms automatically. Authenticated through Singpass, it will help you fill out the details needed to confirm your identity.

Step by step

  1. If you have an ipaymy account but haven’t completed the Myinfo verification yet, you will see a pop-up when you click on 'Make payment'.

Business Accounts

Personal Accounts

2. Click on ‘Retrieve Myinfo with Singpass’ to start the easy and quick process, which takes you to a new window.

3. Open the Singpass app on your phone and scan the QR code OR use the password login option instead.

4. Log in and click on ‘I agree’, which will take you back to your ipaymy profile with your details already pre-filled.

5. Click on ‘Confirm’ to complete and save your details. We only collect the information we need to process your payments securely.


  • I don’t have Singpass. What can I do instead?

    • You can check your eligibility and register for Singpass here.

  • I see an error message on my screen. How do I solve this?

    • The Myinfo service could experience difficulty connecting. We recommend refreshing the page and trying again to resolve this.

  • The pre-filled personal data is not correct. How do I correct it?

    • Since Myinfo data is managed by local government agencies, we recommend reaching out to the Singpass helpdesk here.

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