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How do I make mortgage payments? (Personal users only)
How do I make mortgage payments? (Personal users only)

A step-by-step guide on how to make mortgage payments

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Mortgage payments are one of many ways you can earn a tonne of credit card reward points with ipaymy.

❗❗ Please note that there are a few exceptions to be aware of:

  • Mortgage payments are currently only supported in Singapore and Malaysia.

  • Mortgage payments are only available to ipaymy Personal Account users.

  • Citibank credit cards cannot be used to make mortgage payments.

  • Applicable only for payments made by cash, not via CPF

Step 1: Log into your ipaymy account, click on 'Add recipient' and select 'Supplier' on your dashboard.

Step 2: Add your Mortgage Provider as a Supplier

You will need to add the provider that issued the mortgage as a supplier. However, for bank account details, please enter either one of the following:

  • a bank account that has a GIRO arrangement set up to pay for your mortgage (applicable only for Singapore)

  • the bank account provided by your loan provider to which you pay directly (applicable only for Malaysia)

Please note that Malaysia has some specific conditions to meet. Please see "What information is required for house loan/mortgage payment in Malaysia?"

Step 3: Enter payment details

Enter how much you would like to pay your provider.

In the 'Note to Supplier', enter 'Mortgage' followed by your full name (required) and/or mortgage agreement number, loan policy number, or the required reference details. Note - this information will be reflected on the recipient's bank statement.

❗Please be sure to double-check all the information that you entered is correct. this will help your mortgage provider easily identify that the payment came from you ❗

As part of the due diligence process, we will need you to share some supporting documents. These include:


  • Mortgage Loan Agreement and,

  • Copy of your loan repayment account (either a bank statement or proof of GIRO arrangement)


  • Mortgage Loan Agreement and Mortgage Statement

Step 4: Schedule Your Payment

You also have the option to schedule your payments. Once you choose the day your mortgage provider needs to receive your payment, ipaymy will automatically calculate the charge date based on your region. Please see our "How do I schedule a payment?" article for more information about the settlement times in your country.

Step 5 - Pay

You are almost done! The final step is to review your payment and click Pay. Your card will then be charged and the receipt for the payment will be sent to your email.

For scheduled payments, a receipt will be emailed to you on the charge date for your recurring payments.

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