Our industry-low card processing fees can easily be split between you and your customer. This can be done through your account settings to apply for all invoices going forward or on an individual invoice level.

Adjusting the Card Processing Fee Split for Your Account (Default Setting)

In the left panel of your Fetch dashboard, click on 'Account Settings'. With the slider, you can adjust the fee split. You can absorb all of the fees, let your customer pay all of the fees, or split it in any proportion of 0.1% increments. You can even split the fees differently when accepting locally issued cards versus overseas issued cards.

This will now become your default fee setting. The new fee setting will apply to newly issued invoices and will not retroactively apply to invoices that need to be paid.

Adjusting the Card Processing Fee on a Single Invoice

When you create an invoice with Fetch or upload your own, you can adjust the card processing fee on an invoice level.

On the 'Review and send' page, scroll to the 'Split the ipaymy platform fee with your customer' section and adjust the card processing fee to your preference. Click 'Send invoice' to immediately send it to your customer or click 'Save and Exit' to review it again later. Any adjustment made on this page will only apply to this specific invoice.

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