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How do I change my card on a scheduled payment?
How do I change my card on a scheduled payment?

Updating your credit card for future scheduled payments

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In order to update your card for your scheduled payments, you will need to have added the new credit card to your Wallet. Please see "How do I add a credit card to my wallet?".

Once your card is in your wallet, you will need to update your card to your scheduled payments. Please see the below instructions to show you how to update the cards for both single and all scheduled payments.

Single Payment

To do this, click on Payments and click on the scheduled payment you would like to edit. From there you can choose to edit only that specific single scheduled payment by clicking on the 3 dots button and selecting 'Edit this payment' on the top right of the pop-up page.

All Payments in a Series

To update the credit card for all future scheduled payments, scroll down and click on the 3 dots button, and select 'Edit these recurring payments'.

❗ Note: only scheduled payments that have not been charged yet can be edited. Payments currently in progress can not be edited. ❗

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