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What is ipaymy's 'On-Time Payment Guarantee?'
What is ipaymy's 'On-Time Payment Guarantee?'

ipaymy guarantees to send your payment to your recipient on time, every time - or else it's free!

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We understand that the payments you make on ipaymy are of a sensitive nature. ipaymy processes thousands of payments for our customers and we guarantee your recipient will receive the payment on the pay out date you have scheduled it for.

If in the unlikely event we fail to deliver your payment on time, ipaymy will completely refund the fee for the affected payment AND the fee for your next payment of equal value will be waived.

ipaymy will proactively contact you should we identify a delayed payment or you may contact ipaymy with the following information about the payment:

  • Receipt Number

  • Scheduled Pay Out Date

  • Actual Pay Out Date 

This scheme applies to all markets.


The 'On-Time Payment' guarantee will not apply for any payments affected by the following:

  • User has a scheduled payment in which the card was declined resulting in a new payout date

  • User provided incorrect or incomplete bank account details resulting in a failed attempted bank transfer

  • User provided incorrect or incomplete bank account details resulting in a transfer to an incorrect and/or unintended account

  • Recipient's rejection of payment or payment method

  • Recipient’s bank downtime or delays

  • User's payment held by ipaymy due to ongoing request for additional information in line with ipaymy’s compliance policy

  • ipaymy rejection of payment due to violation of our Terms & Conditions

  • Our service provider or banking partner’s unexpected downtime or delays

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