With ipaymy's payment collection product, you can accept debit and credit cad payments from your customers at no extra cost to you.

ipaymy does not charge a subscription fee for having an account or a fee based on the number of invoices sent or customers you have. ipaymy simply charges a transaction fee for every payment made through ipaymy. This transaction fee is up to 30% less than leading alternatives.

You have the flexibility to choose to pay for this fee or offset it to your customer. That's it - there are no hidden additional fees or minimum spend surcharges for using ipaymy payment collection.

Our transaction fees vary based on region, currency and card type. 

Hong Kong - Hong Kong Dollar (HK$/US$) 

  • Hong Kong Visa and Mastercard - 2.8%
  • International Visa and Mastercard - 3.5%

❗❗ For businesses accepting US$ in Hong Kong, please note your bank may apply a fee for receiving Telegraphic Transfer payment in US$. If there is a fee, it varies per bank. ❗❗

Malaysia - Malaysian Ringgit (RM)

  • Malaysian Visa and Mastercard - 2.8%
  • International Visa - 2.8%
  • International Mastercard - 3.6%

Singapore - Singapore Dollar (S$) 

  • Singapore Visa and Mastercard - 2.8%
  • International Visa and Mastercard - 3.3%

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