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Why did I not get a reward promo code after referring a friend?
Why did I not get a reward promo code after referring a friend?

Some reasons your referral may have not been successful

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These could be some potential reasons why a referral was not credited to your account.

1) Your friend did not sign up for a new account using your unique invite link.

Only new users who sign-up from your unique referral link will be counted towards our Referral Program.

2) Your friend has signed up for a new account but has not made their first payment with ipaymy yet.

Your reward promo code will only be sent after your friend makes an eligible payment with the Referral Promo Code. For more information on what kind of payments we accept, please check out our helpful article here.

3) Your friend has a Scheduled payment or it is currently In Progress and has not reached the 'Completed' status.

Once the payment has been completed, you will then be eligible to receive your Reward Promo Code.

4) Your friend has already signed up for an ipaymy account.

Only individuals who sign up for an ipaymy account via your unique invite link are eligible for the Referral Program. Multiple accounts for the same business or individual are not permitted on ipaymy.

For more information, please feel free to reach out to our friendly team at πŸ‘πŸ»

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