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Can I set up a recurring payment for my tax payments?
Can I set up a recurring payment for my tax payments?

Yes, you can! Here's how you can schedule monthly recurring tax payments on ipaymy's platform.

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With ipaymy, you can set up a recurring schedule for your monthly tax payments to IRAS. Please ensure you have a GIRO arrangement with IRAS so that they won't be expecting a lump sum payment from you.

Take these 3 steps to start paying taxes on a recurring basis:

Step 1: Have a GIRO arrangement in place with IRAS

Step 2: Prepare supporting documents, i.e., Note of Assessment (NOA) or Statement of Account. Under "Note to Supplier," input your Tax Reference Number / 14 Digit Payment Slip Number, as well as the Tax Type.

For example, if you're paying income tax, and your Tax Reference Number is 20150712D. You should input 20150712D Income Tax in the field.

Step 3: Schedule your monthly payouts to IRAS at least 7 working days before your tax deduction date (6th of the month). This gives IRAS sufficient time to reconcile your payment before it can be reflected as an "E-payment" in your myTax Portal account.

To review your latest tax payment record, log into your myTax Portal. Your tax payment via ipaymy will be shown in your account 3-5 working days after your ipaymy payout date to IRAS and will be categorised as an "E-payment."

*ipaymy is a payment service provider for tax payments and is not affiliated with IRAS in any way.

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