How to collect payments through ipaymy?

A step-by-step guide on how to collect payments

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Step 1: Add customers

Once your account has been successfully set up, on the top right side of your dashboard, click on 'Add customer' to input the details.

You must include the customer’s name and email address, so we can send them their invoices and reminders when the due date comes close. Other information, such as the company name, UEN/CRN/BRN, and address, is optional.

Step 2: Create a payment request

To create a payment request, start by selecting the customer to whom you’d like to send your request.

Create an invoice simply by entering the details of the request, including the invoice number, the requested amount, and the due date. You can select the different terms available or customize the payment terms in your favour.

After you’ve confirmed the details and clicked send, our system will immediately generate a professional-looking invoice and send it to your customer's email address.

If you'd rather send out the request with your own invoice template, you can choose to upload it in the designated box.

Step 3: Add incentives (Optional)

ipaymy also gives you options to add incentives remediation or penalties to encourage customers to pay promptly. These options are proven strategies to help you get paid faster. Please see "How to add incentives for my invoice collection?"

Step 4: Send

Once you click “send,” your customer will receive their invoice via email.

Alternatively, you can also copy the URL and share it with your customer via their preferred communication channel.

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