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How do I apply for Fetch?
How do I apply for Fetch?

Documents needed for Fetch application for invoice collections

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Before you can send out your first invoice to collect payments, we will need you to provide some information.

If you have not added your business to ipaymy yet, head on to this article to get started.

On your account dashboard, toggle to Fetch as shown below to get started.

  • Basic information about your business

  • Contact details and statement description.

  • The business bank account that will be used for your collections.

Once you have submitted this information, it will take 1 business day to get it verified by our team. An email will be sent out to you if there is further information required to complete the verification.

In the meantime, you can begin to issue invoices to your customers. However, we will need this information in order to get your account fully up and running.

Please reach out via for further clarifications.

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