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Why am I receiving emails from ipaymy?
Why am I receiving emails from ipaymy?
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ipaymy is a financial technology company focused on payment solutions for businesses. Our stack of payment technology products enables businesses everywhere to optimize their accounts receivable and accounts payable operations with ipaymy’s easy-to-use, yet powerful all-in-one business payments platform.

You are receiving an email from ipaymy because your customer has partnered with us to pay an invoice. You do not need to have an account with ipaymy in order to receive this email as this merely serves as a notification that a client has initiated payment instructions which are intended to aid with the reconciliation and accounts receivable process.

This consists of a series of two emails:

  1. The first email will be sent when your customer initiates the payment via card or crypto.

  2. The second email will be sent after the payment has been remitted to your bank account.

Interested to find out more about how you can pay your suppliers? Reach out to our friendly Customer Support team via or simply register now for a free account and start making payments!

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