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How can my recipient get next day payout for scheduled payments?
How can my recipient get next day payout for scheduled payments?
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This service only applies to scheduled payments with a future charge date.

When you plan to make a scheduled payment, meaning the payout date is at least 3 business days from the current date, your payment is automatically eligible for ipaymy’s free Next Day Payout Service.

With this expedited payment service, your landlord, employees, or suppliers will receive your payment 1 business day after your card is charged, guaranteed! This service is completely free of charge with no maximum amount limit.

If you're planning to make a payment and the charge date is on the same day you make that payment, your payment will be sent to your recipient in 2 business days.

For Malaysia users, ipaymy is able to expedite your payment and payout one day earlier than a non-scheduled payment. For example, suppose you are making a scheduled payment, your recipient will receive their payment in 2 business days instead of 3 business days as you usually do with non-scheduled payments.

Please note this service is not available for Australia users at the moment.

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