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What are customer tags?
What are customer tags?

Understanding the relevant tags applied to your customers based on payment behaviours in Fetch

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Fetch’s payment behaviour recognition flags and identify customers with the unique tags to help you understand their payment activities better and provide guidance on which customers may need an extra nudge through incentives to pay your invoice on time.

Fetch tags your customers with the following identifiers:

  1. New

  2. Active

  3. VIP

  4. Risky


All customers that have received an invoice request in the last 30 days are tagged as New. Note that, customers who are added to your account with no further actions will have no tags assigned. For new customers, since there is not a known payment history we recommend offering incentives such as an early payment discount.


Find out in one glance which customers have made payments to you and are most likely to complete subsequent invoice requests. Active customers are classified as those who have paid an invoice in the last 90 days.


These are model customers everyone would love to have! Invoice requests sent are always paid in full and promptly, no questions asked. A customer will be tagged as VIP if they have paid all invoices on time in the past 90 days. These customers typically do not require any further incentives to pay your invoice.


You will want to watch out for these customers who delay in making payment and/or do not fulfill the full amount payable as requested. These are the customers you may want to consider imposing late payment penalties and including incentives such are installment payments to get your invoice paid.

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