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What is ipaymy's 'Points Guarantee?'
What is ipaymy's 'Points Guarantee?'

ipaymy guarantees you will receive your credit card points - if not your fee is refunded!

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We understand how precious those credit card points are. After all who doesn't love a free holiday? ✈ That is why ipaymy offers you the Points Guarantee program, which is available to users in all regions.

If you do not receive any points for your payment, we will completely refund the fee for that payment. In order to receive a refund you will need to contact ipaymy and provide:

  • The ipaymy receipt number(s)

  • Copy of your credit card statement confirming the card brand and proof of the ipaymy transaction(s)

  • A letter* from the card issuer stating the reason why zero points were awarded for that specific transaction(s)**

*This can also be in a form of email communication with the card issuer

**The payment descriptor of the payment will have to be mentioned as part of the no-points issuance confirmation

All three items must be provided and fulfilled in order to proceed. Upon successful submission of all supporting documents, ipaymy will review your case and determine the eligibility of a fee refund within 2 business days.

This scheme applies to all markets. Now, the only question is...where will YOU go on holiday next? 🏝


The 'Points Guarantee' does not apply to the following:

  • Transactions made with a promo code where the terms explicitly state it is excluded from this program

  • Transactions made for Fetch invoice payments

  • Transactions that violate ipaymy's Terms and Conditions

  • Transactions that violate the credit card issuer's Terms and Conditions

  • The credit card used is not a point-earning card. Cashback cards are an example of a non-point-earning card.

  • The credit card used excludes ipaymy as a merchant for points eligibility

  • The credit card used excludes ipaymy's Merchant Category Codes (MCCs) for points eligibility

  • The award of bonus or promotional points (i.e. 10x points)

  • Payments made before March 2019

ipaymy's decision in respect of all matters relating to the Points Guarantee program shall be final, binding, and irrevocable.

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