ipaymy's Payment Collection allows you to accept credit card payments for your business immediately. With ipaymy you have the flexibility ✔ of selecting who pays the fee: your business or your customer.

Collecting payments through ipaymy is simple. Through your ipaymy dashboard you can initiate a request for payment. Your customer receives an email notification in which they can then pay your invoice with a credit card via a secure checkout page. You will receive the latest updates on the status of your payments via email and on the dashboard.

Your customer does not need to create an ipaymy account to pay you - making the entire process as seamless as possible! 🙂

Getting Started

Once your created your 'Payment Collection Account' to get started simply follow the steps below:

  1. Add your customer's contact details
  2. Enter the invoice number, amount due and due date. As an option, you can also attach an invoice with your payment request.
  3. Once your customer makes a payment, you will receive an email notification, your dashboard will be updated the and the funds will be deposited directly into you bank account based on your region's payout schedule.
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